how to unrestricted or unblocked P.T.E Account ?

👋 Hey everyone, namaste! I am Ikhadel Sharma from the beautiful country of Nepal, and today I want to share a personal experience that might just help some of you out there who are facing similar challenges. About a year ago, my PTE account faced some unexpected restrictions, throwing a major curveball into my plans for further studies. It was a tough time, but after a week of persistent efforts, I successfully navigated through the process, and today, I want to guide you through the steps I took.

HOW to unrestricted P.T.E account ?

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Tip #1: Contact PTE Help Centre

First things first, if you find yourself in a similar situation, reach out to the PTE Help Centre. Many times, account restrictions can be a result of various factors, and the Help Centre can provide valuable insights into the reasons behind the restriction. They have a team of experts ready to assist you in understanding the situation and guide you on the next steps to take. This initial contact can set the tone for resolving the issue efficiently.

Tip #2: Call PTE Customer Care

Now, let’s talk about making a call to PTE Customer Care. In times of stress and uncertainty, hearing a human voice can be incredibly reassuring. Dial +85230774927 or, if you’re an NTC user, call 142485230774927. For NCELL users, the number is 0085230774927. There’s even a toll-free number for NTC users at 18000440130. When you make this call, be prepared with your account details, any reference numbers, and a clear description of the issue. The customer care team is there to assist you, so don’t hesitate to seek guidance over the phone.

Tip #3: Address Third-Party Payment Issues

One common reason for PTE account restrictions is third-party payment issues. If you suspect this is the case, be proactive in addressing it. Provide any cardholder details or payment information they may require. In some cases, you might be advised to create a dollar card in your name, so be open to exploring these options. Resolving third-party payment issues can often be the key to unlocking your account. In that case you can write email like this

Hello sir,

Thank you for the email. Yes, I have used third party payment to schedule my test. As you requested the email address and mobile number of the third party is: …… and ………. respectively. I have also attached third party bank statement along with this email for your reference.

I hope this be able to solve the issue I am currently facing as I have used the genuine party and the transaction.

your name….

Tip #4: Email PTE Support

Now, let’s talk about the power of written communication. Drop an email at This direct communication channel allows you to articulate your concerns in detail. When composing your email, be clear, concise, and include all relevant information about your account and the issues you’re facing. Providing a comprehensive overview of the problem can significantly expedite the resolution process. Attach any supporting documents or screenshots that might aid in understanding the issue better.

Tip #5: Responding to Third-Party Payment Requests

If PTE requests additional information regarding third-party payments, respond promptly and thoroughly. This might include providing specific card details or any other information they require. Transparency is crucial in this step. Consider attaching card holder details and payment details that validate the transactions in question. The more transparent and cooperative you are, the smoother the resolution process tends to be.

Tip #6: Create a New PTE Account (if applicable)

For those of you who might be taking the PTE exam for the first time, creating a new account could be a viable option. If your current account is facing insurmountable issues, a fresh start might be the solution. When creating a new account, make sure to use a different email address, location, and mobile number. Changing these details can help ensure that you can schedule your test without encountering any account restrictions.

Tip #7: Maintain Patience

Now, above all, let’s talk about patience. I know firsthand how stressful it can be to have your plans derailed due to account restrictions. It’s essential to understand that resolving these issues may take time. In some cases, it might take up to a month to completely lift the restrictions on your account. During this waiting period, it’s crucial to maintain your composure and stay focused. Panicking won’t expedite the process, but your patience and persistence will pay off. Remember, you’re not alone in this, and countless others have faced similar challenges and come out on the other side successfully.


🌟 Your perseverance in addressing this challenge is commendable. I truly hope these tips assist you and others facing similar situations. Best of luck on your PTE journey, and remember, you’re not alone in this. If you found this guide helpful, share it with someone who might need it. Until next time, this is Ikhadel Sharma signing off.

Warm regards and best wishes on your PTE endeavors!